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Goin is the platform that helps more than 700k users from around Europe grow their money & buy cheaper online & offline.

Connect any bank & card and start taking care more advantage of your money.

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Why Goin?

A single platform where you can save, invest, track your money, earn rewards and much more, connect any bank and enjoy

Connect any bank

Connect your bank in an easy & secure way thanks to the new European regulation called PSD2.

Grow your money

Enjoy all our automatic functionalities to grow your money effortlessly.

Buy cheaper

Don't overspend when buying thanks to goin. Cashbacks, giftcards, coupons and much more!

Goin in 5 years

Goin has positioned itself as Spain’s No. 1 solution for everything related to people’s personal finances.

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Grow your money

Save automatically

Saving money can be a challenge, but it's an important part of building a secure financial future.

Round up your expenses

Save small ammounts with every purchase you make.

Make regular contributions

Define a fixed ammount to save each day, week or month, you decide!

Improve your habits

Saving by not waking up on time (or by doing it) is possible.

Save a % of your income

Withhold a specific % of all the income you receive: payroll, Bizum...

Easy Budgeting

Separate your money into different goals or wallets. Track your progress, receive insightful information.

Pay and get paid

Pay directly to friends goals, request them to pay you and receive it instantly.

Put your money to work

At Goin you can not only save money, but you can also make it grow with our different investment methods.


Invest in more than 50 different cryptocurrencies in a couple of taps. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Polygon, Avalanche and many more!

Saving accelerator

Earn 5% APY of your money by investing in a DeFi Protocol.

Investing in cryptocurrencies is not regulated, may not be suitable for retail investors and the entire amount invested may be lost. It is important to read and understand the risks of this investment.

Motivate & learn with our community

Configure the privacy of your goals and see the progress of the community. Copy their goals, and help them to achieve their goals by giving them tips.

Refer friends and earn up to 100€

Earn 6€ (3€ for each) for every friend who receive their first cashback.

Buy cheaper

Automatic cashbacks

Receive money back automatically each time that you spend in any of our hundreds of brands indicated inside the app as automatic cashback.

Discounted virtual cards

Buy hundreds of discounted giftcards ready to ue. get some extra euros in one click.

Offers marketplace

Find the cheapest products and services of internet in our internal marketplace.

Earn Money when buying +1.000 brands!

Goin Chrome Extension

Catch the best discounts and cashbacks when buying online. Our browser extension will notify you automatically. It's like magic!

If you don’t love Goin, it’s probably you

4.7  8.2K Rating

4.0      13K Rating

Gema Adriana González Gutiérrez

Verified user

I recommend it every time!
I love Goin! I’ve been using it for over a year and a half to save on small and not so small goals (my master’s degree) and I almost did it without realizing it! Simple and clear to use, and if I need to draw on it, I have my money available. Thanks for your work and continuous improvements!

Carlos AC

Verified user

A marvel of an application. The best way to save without knowing it, and for me, the only one. Also, easy and fast to transfer your savings to your bank account.

ED Sánchez

Verified user

At last
I have tried all the unimaginable saving methods, but I spend everything I get. One day a friend recommended this APP to me and every time I check my savings I get a pleasant surprise. It’s a feeling similar to finding money in the pocket of a coat you kept in the closet last winter. All joy. Thank you, inventors of Goin.


Verified user

Goin helps me a lot
Goin helps me a lot to save until the 15th of the month, then I take out the money, and so I pull from the 15th to the 30th and thank God I can make ends meet. (Thanks Goin, and see if you put the questions every day that once I got the 100 euros).

Carlos Baute

Verified user

I always save with Goin

It has become a tool for daily savings.

Sanda Noguera Hermanek

Verified user

Very good App that helps you to save…
Very good App that helps you save without realizing it through various methods. Before knowing the App, it was very difficult for me to save. Now I am happy because I see that with the right tools you can.

Alba Viches Sánchez

Verified user

I had never saved before
I have never saved anything at all and at the end of the month with this application only with rounding I save almost €100, it is a super intuitive application.


Verified user

100% recommended. Easy and intuitive
It is a very easy and intuitive app. It motivates you to save and gives you to choose the way and amount you want to save. Furthermore, it also has cashback from many brands and discounts on gift cards, so it makes you save more and in their social networks they always give tips and many curiosities.


Verified user

The best way to save!
Who wouldn’t like an app with a piggy on it? 🐷

Verónica EJ

Verified user

It’s my app to save money
It is one of my reference apps for my savings, even so I give it 4 stars because it has been changing over time and in some changes I do not agree.

See what press is talking about us

Forbes, Atresmedia, El País... They are all talking about Goin.

Daily saving hacks ready for you

Saving hacks, raffles, tips, offers that will make your pocket happier.

Security is
crucial for us

We take security very seriously that’s why we encrypt all your information and we work with regulated and validated companies.

Excelent with +380 opinions


Your money is stored in the regulated payment entity called Easy Payments and Finance E.P.S.A registered in the bank of Spain with the code 6849.


Your data is encrypted using TLS of 256 bits.

Backed by the world’s most renowned investors

Start taking advantage of your money now!

Goin is the platform that helps more than 700k users from around Europe grow their money & buy cheaper online & offline.

Connect any bank & card and start taking care more advantage of your money.

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